«Where many people have passed, there are many footprints.» (Lega proverb)




Artist, contemporary art - «The road is long from the project to its completion.» (Molière)



Should one speak of labour when talking about an artist?


Such a word evokes the weight of effort, the obsession of doing and in some small way, the tears of pressing time. Yet Rose Holzer bestows on it a sense of lightness. Undeniably the effort is there, powerful, constant and drawing from a fertile and sometimes nostalgic genesis of sources: childhood, ink, thread, primeval earth… yet her labour remains imbued with a compelling sense of calm. Though Rose Holzer’s oeuvre speaks of our torments, her work is nevertheless inherently gentle. Her art can also denounce serenely and serves as a lively testament to the fragile expression of emotions. To explore singular avenues, to give food for thought, to never give in to the temptation to hate and to always honour beauty, these are the hallmarks of Rose’s work, so delicate in its graphic and chromatic expression. To summarise: Rose Holzer’s work is elegant. As you browse her website you will discover a few dispersed creations testament to her multiform artistic personality. This is her own elegant style. An oeuvre that fundamentally expressed her unique, fertile and calm artistic talent. 


«To paint is to run behind closed eyelids.» (Rose Holzer)


« goes the ink way.» (Edmond Jabès)